4MP Diagnostic Color Display

At iTech Company, we understand the importance of a correct and accurate diagnosis on a patient. Thus, we come up with a range of displays that are specifically designed for use in medical imaging. Here, we have our 4MP Diagnostic Color Displays which offer a precise and high-performance device for such applications. Check out its other features by browsing the products below.

This LCD display has a widescreen dimension and a high resolution of 2560x1600 which has the equivalent imaging space of two 2MP displays. Each of these monitors is also calibrated out of the box according to the DICOM grayscale display function for luminance. It has a 12-bit gamma which has a finely detailed, high-definition rendering of color images and crisper display quality, even that of the most delicate shadings and color differences.

For consistent brightness and DICOM GSDF conformance as well as to provide the basis for excellent diagnostic quality, it makes use of X-Light Pro backlight system which constantly readjusts the luminance. It also makes use of ColorComp digital uniformity correction to reduce screen uniformity errors and compensate for differences in color/grayscale and luminance across the entire screen. To regulate the grayscale images for optimal picture quality, it has an automatic black level adjustment. Moreover, it includes a GammaComp MD software to ensure that it delivers consistent image quality and to provide a simple interface for conformance to the DICOM standard.

Simply contact us for a quote on these diagnostic color LCD monitors as well as for more information to meet the requirements of your medical environment.