2MP Diagnostic Color Display

iTech Company's range of 2MP Diagnostic Color Displays are especially designed for the demanding needs of medical imaging. It features high luminance, high contrast, and an integrated color calibration function. It is a medically-certified LCDs which deliver precise and high-performance display. Browse these products below and see its features.

As correct diagnoses on a patient is essential, you need a device that is precise to do the job. With this, the patient's condition will be identified accurately and the necessary treatment will be given. Our diagnostic color LCDs offer an ideal solution for this. These devices are equipped with the latest features to help our diagnosticians.

Our products are available in widescreen displays with high resolutions for optimal picture quality. It is being calibrated to the DICOM grayscale display function for luminance. It is also equipped with a backlight system which monitors and constantly readjusts the luminance. Such system provides a consistent brightness and conforms to DICOM GSDF which serve as the basis for excellent diagnostic quality.

To reduce screen uniformity errors and compensate for differences in color/grayscale and luminance across the entire screen, there's also a ColorComp digital uniformity correction function while the GammaComp MD software. It is included with each display to ensure that it delivers a consistent image quality. For more finely-detailed and high-definition rendering of color images, it features a 12-bit gamma. For regulating grayscale images, an automatic black level adjustment will do the job. Moreover, it has an OSD information display, which shows information such as the display model, total operating time, actual measurement of luminance, and calibration settings.