Compatible with Touch ELO 1938L

iTech Company presents its range of LCD displays that are Compatible with Touch ELO 1938L. These are compact monitors designed for touch screen functionality. Whether it is intended for casino gaming, amusement, retail self-service and information kiosk applications, these touch-enabled LCDs offer a reliable solution.

The ELO 1938L is intended for use in public venues where diverse environments and varied user types are commonplace. We integrate such feature in our line of LCD displays to provide our clients with state of the art solutions that last for several years of service.

These LCD displays feature a modular design for more flexibility with regards to product configuration and also for easy maintenance. For auto adjustment of the screen, there’s a brightness sensor so that it is neither too bright nor too dark. It is housed in a robust aluminium, ensuring that the device can withstand rugged applications. The 1938L features an injection-molded bezel with a virtually invisible water-resistant seal, which makes it an ideal choice for the rigors of public use. The optional protective glass also provide additional protection by keeping the dust, dirt, and moisture away from the display.

While it comes with a standard VGA connector, optional AV, SV, and AV-Looping are also available. It utilizes a backlit technology which not only helps deliver superior image quality but also an energy-efficient device. This line of LCD Touch ELO 1938L monitors combine an innovative touch screen functionality and durability feature which make it a great choice for public venue applications. We also provide customizable designs for OEM customers. For more info regarding this, simply contact us.