Compatible SENTINEL Military Monitor

iTech Company's range of Compatible SENTINEL Military Monitor LCDs are designed for durabilityand high performance in extreme environments. These rugged LCD displays are capable of withstanding harsh battlefield conditions, so that our troops can focus on their mission without fear of equipment failure.These devices comply with various military standards including MIL-STD-901D, MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-461E. Check out the specifications of these products below.

This line of products offers our military forces an LCD monitor that matchesvarious battlefield requirements.With its compliance with different military standards, it can operate in wide operating temperatures, whether it is too cold or too hot environments. Such standards also ensure that the device isresistant to strong shocks and vibrations, which is common in military applications especially when the LCD monitor is being mounted in a vehicle or alongside other equipment. It also features a military-grade power supply, which meets challenging technical and logistical requirements for a reliable performance of the device.

These military LCD monitors also features a rugged aluminium front bezel and rugged steel chassis with anti-corrosion treatment, giving maximum protection to the device. As military applications also involve outdoor deployments, these devices comply with various IP/NEMA rating standards for resistance against water, dust and other unwanted elements. To ensure that the screen is visible at all times including daytime operations especially under direct sunlight, it features high brightness levels and sunlight readability. Moreover, there's an optional touchscreen functionality for ease of use and for interactive applications.

For more info about our range of Rugged Military LCD Monitors, simply contact us through the given phone number and email. We also provide customize solutions based on the specifications of our clients.