Single User DB-15 Combo PS2/USB KVM 8/16 ports KVM

Combo PS2 KVM Switch



Here, we have our range of Single User DB-15 Combo PS2/USB KVM switches which are available in either 8 or 16 ports and occupy 1U of rack space. It offers a multi-platform KVM switch capability as it allows a mix of PS2, USB and Sun. This type of KVM switch offers a computer management tool that allows the user to control more connected computers from one source. Browse the products below and see the specifications of each.

This device supports high resolution displays of up to 1920x1080, delivering sharp and superior quality of images or videos. It is a versatile KVM solution as it can be used to control computers that support either USB or PS/2 connections for mouse and keyboard. By cascading multiple KVM switches, it offers a scalable method of managing connected systems. With its remote access of up to 150 meters, it provides an efficient remote server management between the user and equipment rooms.

In terms of its durability, this device is also designed for rugged usage with its all-metal body that is suitable for a wide range of operating environments including industrial applications. Moreover, the setup is very easy and no software is required for configuration. Some optional features a multi lingual on screen display menu, advanced user profiles and configurable OSD hot key combinations.

iTech Company’s combo PS2/USB KVM Switches enables you to share a monitor, PS/2 or USB keyboard, and mouse with multiple computers. In this way, you can significantly save space on your rack environment and reduce equipment clutter. If you have more questions regarding our KVM switch solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.