CNC Panel PC/ HMI Touch

Nowadays, CNC panel PC systems are being used in several applications. Whether it is just a small shop or a large manufacturing setting, such technology provides an automatic and accurate motion control mechanism. This type of automation panel PC provides accuracy, efficiency, and overall productivity of a certain application. Here at iTech Company, we offer such solutions which are integrated with useful features. Our line of this products are available in 12.1” and 15” screen sizes. See their specifications below.

Most of the aspects of modern-day manufacturing have been impacted by CNC technology. Several of the machining processes these days have been improved by employing such technology. A CNC machinery offers a significant improvement than traditional machine presses. It produces panels faster and more affordably as compared to a conventional machinery. Another advantage is you can integrate your own panel designer program into this machine, allowing you to create panels using panel design software. Then, the design data will be transmitted to a CNC milling machine that now manufactures the finished product.

We have our range of CNC Control Panel systems which are ideal for various applications. Our CNC Control Panel solutions feature an optional Project Capacitive touchscreen functionality. These are powered by Intel Celeron processors with up to 8GB of RAM. With regards to the connectivity, it supports RS-232, GbE LAN, and USB ports.

To utilize the benefits of Automation Panel PCs, see our list of products above. For more info about these products, contact us through the given phone number and email.