C1D2 Box PC

iTech Company has a range of Box PC systems which have been certified by UL for class 1 division 2 (C1D2) hazardous locations. This type of computer systems address the safety requirements in industrial settings such as oil and gas, petrochemical manufacturing, steel, and chemical industries. These devices are ignition and explosion proof, which helps maintain a safe operation in hazardous environments.

Some industries have occupational hazards where they are more prevalent and thus, it must be controlled. One way to control this is to have an equipment that is safe enough for use in environments where flammable gases, vapors or liquids might exist under abnormal conditions. C1D2 Box PC systems are one of those industrial control products for fire and explosion risk management in hazardous locations.

Aside from the safety enhancement features, our products are also packed with several other useful features, making it more functional for a wide variety of applications. They are available in different monitor sizes and resolutions. These ruggedized computers ensure long-term usage with a wide range of choices for processors for smooth performance. It has a stainless steel enclosure with Full IP65 NEMA 4 for added protection against airborne dust, chemical substances, and water ingress.

The optional touch screen feature improves productivity, accuracy, as well as real-time data sharing.The wide operating temperature enables the machine to work effectively in extreme temperatures without system failure or damages that will interrupt any operational work.Moreover, it features a fanless design with low power consumption.

C1D2 Box PC systems have specific features and configurations that make them idealfor use in hazardous locations. But when buying one, it is also important to look at the quality of the product. At iTech Company, we provide industrial grade panel PCs that are not only equipped with useful features, but also with high quality which ensures long-term usage. Contact us for more info of these products.