Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant Equipped its Control Room With iTech's Industrial LCD Monitors


In large infrastructures such as manufacturing plants where multiple devices are connected in a network, control rooms play an important in its daily operations. A control room can be referred to as an operations center which controls the activity and monitors the traffic and security of multiple computers, servers, routers, printers and other devices that are connected to the network. The design of a control room must include the functionality and technology needed to properly carry out the various activities of a particular facility.

For the past few years, control rooms are already adopting the use of flat-screen LCDs. The LCD technology also developed over time where their performance and robustness allow them to be used 24/7 in control room environments. iTech Company has a range of LCD monitors that are designed for control room applications. One of these is its ECH2130 industrial LCD monitor which has been used by Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant, one of Russia's nuclear power plants. This facility equipped its modern control room environment with multiple iTech Company's LCD monitors which are well-suited for use in these applications as they take up far less space, deliver sharp displays, and feature rugged design.

About Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant

Balakovo Nuclear Power Station is one of nine Russian nuclear power stations. It is located in the city of Balakovo, Saratov Oblast, Russia and owned and operated by Rosenergoatom. It has four operational reactors with the fifth one still under construction. In terms of safety and reliability, it is considered as one the best performing plants in Russia in recent years and has been recognized by visiting international delegations and inspection teams for having met international standards for operation. This power plant has also been recognized for its good housekeeping and economical efficiency.

It is a member of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) and has participated in several international exchange programs and inspections. Being a member of WANO, it has gained valuable experience with regards to international cooperation with nuclear power plants throughout the world. Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant also participates in a twinning program between nuclear power stations in Europe and Russia. Since 1990, it has been in partnership with Biblis Nuclear Power Plant.

iTech Company's ECH2130 Industrial LCD

iTech's product model ECH2130 is a 21.3-inch industrial chassis and wall mount LCD with metal housing. It has a resolution of 1600x1200 with brightness level of 250 nits. It utilizes LED backlight technology for energy-efficiency, brighter screen and overall superior image quality. It also made use of optical bonding technology for the best reduction of ambient light washout while providing a superior ruggedization and enhances the display durability under vibrations and shocks. It has also an optional front AR glass or vandal-resistant glass.

Its industrial enclosure which complies with IP rating standards ensures that it can be deployed in rugged and demanding environments. Therefs also an optional build-in touch screen feature for interactive applications. Meanwhile, the side OSD buttons are provided to prevent unnecessary setting changes. While it supports the standard VGA input video, other input options include DVI, DVI+HDMI, SVideo+AV, SVideo+AV+DVI, AV+Looping, DVI+AV+Looping, and HD-SDI. Moreover, it features built-in speakers for convenient audio output.

iTech Company's ECH2130 industrial monitor combines high resolution and high performance features which are required in demanding and critical settings. With its functionality and rugged design, it provides an effective display solution to monitor and maintain a large control room infrastructure such as in Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant.