50" All in One Digital Sign Totem/Table Stand Alone Kiosk

iTech Company’s 50" All in One Digital Sign Totem/Table Stand Alone Kiosks feature a sleek design and packed with a lot of other features. It is an ideal solution for catching the attention of people in busy and high-traffic areas. It is equipped with a scratch-proof tempered glass faceplate for durability, full HD resolution, wide angle viewability, and dual stereo speakers. See the products below and their specifications.

It includes an embedded media player which deliver multimedia content with vivid clarity. It allows you to playback photo and video files though this integrated media player with 8GB built-in memory or directly from a USB hard drive. There’s also a Manager Express Plus software for easy loading and scheduling of customized multimedia content. For additional content loading options from either a PC or networkable media player, there are other connectivity options including flexible HDMI, D-sub, USB (x2), and LAN.

Its sleek and slim premium design is combined with a free-standing form factor to deliver dynamic messaging. While it looks great, it is also durable with its scratch-proof tempered glass faceplate. These digital signage kiosks also utilize energy-saving LED backlight which consumes 35% less power compare to other conventional backlight displays. Just like any other iTech’s monitor displays, it delivers excellent image quality with its full HD resolution. Such feature enables high-definition multimedia messaging to be displayed in crystal-clear quality for a more realistic viewing experience. Moreover, the content scheduling and settings are very efficient and user-friendly to ensure that it runs smoothly and on time.