4U 9.0" Rugged Rack HD LCD Display WXGA (1280x768) 800 nits 170° (H) x 170° (V) 1000:1 (Model: DDP409)

4U 9.0" Rugged Rack HD LCD Display WXGA (1280x768) 800 nits 170° (H) x 170° (V) 1000:1 (Model: DDP409)

4U 9.0" Rugged Rack HD LCD Display WXGA (1280x768) 800 nits 170° (H) x 170° (V) 1000:1 (Model: DDP409)

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The wide format high definition rackmount monitor displays high contrast 1080p HD imagery and is daylight readable and night vision complaint. Multiple video inputs (3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, DVI-I, RS170), resistive touchscreen option and confgurable bezel buttons allow remote operation of any video management system.

Standard Features:

  • (1) SMPTE In/Out (3G/HD/SD• SDI)
    (SMPTE 424M/292M/259M)
  • (1) HDMI Input
  • (1) DVI• I Input
  • (3) RS170 Inputs
  • (1) RS170 Output
  • Up to 1080p60 High Defnition Video
  • MIL• C Power*
  • Fully User - Programmable Tactile Buttons for use in controlling and manipulating any connected device
  • LED Backlight (3000:1 Dimming Ratio)
  • Anti- Refective and Anti- Glare Treatments
  • Enhanced Sunlight Readability
  • 9.0", 12.1", 14.1" and 17.5" TFT AM LCD
  • MIL• STD• 461 Compliant
  • MIL• STD• 704 Compliant
  • MIL• STD• 810 Compliant
  • MIL• STD• 1275 Compliant

Optional Features:

  • Analog Resistive Touch Screen
  • NVIS MIL-STD-3009 Red/Green Compatible


LCD Size Resolution Nits Viewing Angle Contrast Ratio Maximum Power Consumption
9.0" TFT AM LCD WXGA (1280x768) 800 nits 170° (H) x 170° (V) 1000:1 TBD
Technical Specifications
Display 8-bit color, 16,777,216 colors
Dimming Ratio 3000:1
Video Inputs (1) HDMI, (1) SMPTE 3G/HD/SD-SDI, (1) DVI-I, (3) RS170
Video Outputs (1) SMPTE 3G/HD/SD-SDI, (1) RS170
Connector* MIL-C Power
Housing Milled AL, Black Hard Anodized
Rackmounts 9.0" LCD: 4U, 12.1" LCD: 6U, 14.1" LCD: 7U, 17.5" LCD: 8U
Wide Range DC Power Input† 10-36 VDC (12,24,28 VDC nominal)
Power Conditioning Protected against Internal Short Circuit, Load Dump, Over Voltage and Reverse Polarity
Environmental Specifications
IP Rating IP68 Front Bezel, IP65 Rear Housing
Operating Temperature -30°C to 70°C (22°F to 158°F), -20°C (-4°F) with Touchscreen Option
Storage Temperature -50°C to 80°C (-58°F to 176°F)
Humidity 0-100%
Altitude 45,000 ft.
Military Specifications  
MIL-STD-461 EMI MIL-STD-810 Method 513; Acceleration
MIL-STD-704 Aircraft Power Requirements MIL-STD-810 Method 514; Procedure I, II, V, VI; General Vibration Category 14 - Aircraft; Category 20 - Ground Mobile
MIL-STD-810 Method 500; Altitude MIL-STD-810 Method 516; Procedure I, Functional Shock
MIL-STD-810 Method 501; High Temperature MIL-STD-810 Method 520; Temp, Humidity, Vibe and Altitude
MIL-STD-810 Method 502; Low Temperature MIL-STD-810 Method 523; Vibro-Acoustic/Temperature
MIL-STD-810 Method 503; Temperature Shock MIL-STD-1275 Vehicle Power Requirements
MIL-STD-810 Method 505; Solar Radiation MIL-STD-1472 Thermal Contact Hazard
MIL-STD-810 Method 506; Rain MIL-STD-3009 Optional NVIS Compatibility
MIL-STD-810 Method 507; Humidity MIL-PRF-22885 Sunlight Readability for Push Buttons
MIL-STD-810 Method 508; Fungus MIL-A-8625 Standard Finish
MIL-STD-810 Method 509; Salt/Fog MIL-PRF-22750F Optional Painted Finish - Min. Qty Required
MIL-STD-810 Method 510; Blowing Sand and Dust MIL-DTL-38999 Connector (Qualifed)
MIL-STD-810 Method 511; Explosive Atmosphere