2K Ultra-HD (2560 x 1440) Industrial professional LCD with touch screen 10 points PCT(Projected Capacitive) Optional for SDI Input

We have a range of 2K LCD displays that deliver very clear image quality and performance for resolution-rich commercial and industrial applications. Whether you’ll use it for digital signage, military, air traffic control, medical, security and any other application that requires high resolutions, we got you covered. Browse our products below for specifications of each.

iTech Company brings a new generation of monitor displays with its2K Ultra-HD LCD displayswhich deliver truly high image quality and keep the image detail for either data, video and picture. A 2K resolution is a term used for display devices having horizontal resolution of approximately 2,000 pixels and higher, specific to the 2000 pixel range. It is one of those multiple high-definition image resolution standards such as HD (720p), Full HD (1080p), Ultra High Definition (UHD), and 4K. The main difference is that 2K resolution can refer to more than one image size.

Our products offers an ideal solution for applications that care about image's quality. They feature a resolution of 2560x1440and anoptional SDI input for a lossless digital encoding of standard NTSC and PAL formats. These are available in various monitor sizes as well.These also support a wide range of connectivity options such HDMI, USB, and VGA for different media sources. With itsoptional touch screen 10 points PCT(Projected Capacitive) feature, you are able tocreate a more interactive experiencefor your application. Moreover, these displays also feature a slim profile and protective glass for protection against dust, dirt, and moisture.

iTech Company’s range of 2K industrial display monitorsguarantees the ultimate in color, clarity, and image detail.For more information about these products, contact us anytime.