1U Rugged Military Rackmount 15" LCD

iTech Company's range of 1U Military Rack Mount 15" LCD Monitors are high-performance LCD display drawers with a durable design to endure various rugged applications. These devices are specifically-engineered to withstand various harsh ambient settings which are common in military and industrial applications. It offers excellent performance in terms of brightness, crispness, contrast and viewing angles. Browse each of the products below to know more about its features.

These military rackmount LCDs have high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle with a resolution 1024x768. It utilizes only 1U of rack space and is compatible with any standard 19" rack. Its display is stowed flat above the keyboard and can be tilted up when use. It features a clam shell design which is held open with two 30 lbs heavy duty torque hinges with a maximum opening of 96 degrees from closed.

With its rugged all aluminum lightweight construction, you’ll be guaranteed that these products are durable enough and meet the requirements for various applications. To facilitate the installation in any standard 19-inch rack enclosure, there are ball bearing slides that are integrated along with mounting brackets. These devices have also an integrated 8-port to 16-port KVM options. Moreover, these military rackmount LCDs can also be configured with many different keyboard/pointer combinations.

Our line of military rackmount LCDs offers a space-saving solution while combining a rugged design to withstand challenging conditions as well as rough handling. These devices are available in various options and configurations to meet the requirements of different applications.