Wide Screen 18.5"/19" 1920 x 1080 Rackmount LCD Keyboard Drawer with Optional 2K/4K HDMI/ DVI KVM in DB or CAT5 connectors.

Here, we present our range of HDMI Rackmount Monitor KVM Drawers in 18.5" widescreen dimension with a resolution of 1920x1080. It allows you to save valuable rack space by consolidating the keyboard, HDMI video, and touchpad or trackball mouse in 1U rack drawer. It is an ideal solution for server rooms, commercial, military, government and surveillance applications. Browse the products below and check their corresponding specifications.

Over the years, there's a growing demand for HDMI rackmount monitor LCDs as more and more devices have HDMI interface. At iTech Company, we offer such products which support simple plug and play functionality and very easy to install.

Aside from a keyboard, LCD monitor and touchpad or trackball mouse, this line of products also includes a pair of amplified stereo speakers in a rugged rackmount drawer. With its slide rails, it can fit any standard rack chassis from 14.5" to 36" deep. You can raise the LCD screen to your preferred viewing position and when not in use, the drawer conveniently slides smoothly. This device also allows more compatibility with almost all VGA controllers with its built-in smart analog-to-digital conversion board which interfaced the digital LCD monitor with standard VGA/DVI output. It has also an On Screen Display (OSD) for fine-tuning the display.

Meanwhile, the LCD monitor is ruggedly built with its slim aluminum housing. When recessed into the drawer, there’s an auto shut-off switch that will turn-off the power to the LCD monitor. The keyboard is flushed in an aluminium housing as well and it comes with the standard 105 keys membrane. You have the option to select from a touch-pad with two buttons or a standard PS/2 mouse.

With iTech Company rackmount LCD keyboard HDMI KVM drawer solutions, you are able to reduce clutter and be more efficient in your workstation. However, if you have specific requirements for your rackmount LCD drawer needs, we also provide custom designs according to your specifications. For more info about this, please feel free to contact us anytime.