17.3" Wide Rack Mount 2U Triple Monitor Console Drawer 1920x1080 with Touch

iTech Company's range of 17.3" Wide 2U Triple Monitor Console Drawers is designed for applications where multiple displays and input are needed. It is an ideal solution to connect and work on PC or server anywhere. It is a portable monitor and keyboard console which features three 17.3" widescreen LCD displays and occupies 2U of rack space. See the products below to know more about their specifications.

Just like any rack mount device, these console drawers offer a great solution to save rack space as well. It can fit into any standard rack chassis, from 22.3" to 34" deep. It has three 17.3" LCD monitors with optional keyboard and touch pad feature. The optional keyboard and touch pad are located in the second drawer below the monitors.

With its dual rail design, the monitor and the keyboard can be pulled out separately and can be operated on their own. When recessed into the drawer, the LCD folds flat on top of the keyboard while an auto shut-off switch allows to turn-off the power when in recess position. For comfortable viewing experience, it has a display mechanism that can be hinged, allowing you to tilt it according to your preference.

Meanwhile, these products are also durable and well-protected from rugged use with its slim and rugged aluminum chassis which house the LCD displays. Moreover, a key locking mechanism provides more security to the device as it locks the drawer when in the full recess position, preventing unauthorized access.

Our Triple Monitor Console Drawers offers a great solution to manage and monitor servers or KVM switch using 2U of rack space. It delivers high resolution displays with an integrated keyboard and touchpad console. Contact us for more info about our products.