1U Rackmount 16.2" WUXGA 1920x1200 Monitor Keyboard Drawer HDMI/DVI Input-2 Year Warranty

iTech Company's line of W16.2" 1920x 1200 Monitor LCDsare best suited foraudio visual applications. With its high resolutions, it delivers superior display than any other monitor display in its category. While this type of monitors support a broad range of applications, these are also ideal for rackmount control and system monitoring purposes. See the specifications of the products below.

With these rackmount high definition LCD monitors, you'll have a space-saving solution for your rack environment while giving emphasis on the quality of display. Its 1920x1200 native WUXGA ultra high resolution ensures that it provides superior and crystal clear displays. These are 16.2" widescreen rackmount LCD monitors which allow you to manage your servers and KVM switches using only 1U of rack space.

It is equipped with a 104-key keyboard with either a touchpad or a trackball. You also have the option for either a SUN Micro or a MAC keyboard. It supports various video sources including VGA, DVI-D and HDMI for more flexibility. It has a sturdy design that can withstand demanding conditions which are common in industrial applications. The optional features that you can avail include a 3G connectivity, touchscreen functionality, wide range of brightness levels, SD-SDI Broadcast-grade input, and an audio input.

By integrating useful features and industrial-grade components, iTech Company guarantees to deliver reliable and high-performing rackmount LCD displays. For several years, we maintain a reputable track record of providing innovative solutions for a wide range of applications. Contact us today for more info of our products and services.