15" Digital Signage Kiosks


iTech Company’s range of 15" Digital Signage Kiosks offers a complete solution with its end-to-end customer service interaction suite and other several useful features such as touch-sensitive hardware devices, software applications and powerful analytics which provides consumer intelligence. These are especially-designed for commercial use. Its interactivity can be an ideal tool to enhance the retail experience of the consumers, which is one way to strengthen your brand. Browse our products below and see which one best suits your application.


Our products offers a compact and stylish design which are ideal for applications where space is an issue. These are available in portrait view and when combined with wall-mount installation, you can significantly save valuable space. For more functionality and flexibility, these devices have a modular design which you can customize to fulfil specific requirements. These compact and secure stand-alone devices can be integrated with various peripherals such as media card reader, smart card reader, scanner, motion sensor, telephone handset, and thermal printer.

You can also have voice communication options in which you can initiate full two-way voice calls and connect the kiosk users with an in-store or remote member of staff at the touch of the screen. With these options, it enables you to have multiple e-commerce applications within a single unit. Moreover, these are also VESA-compliant for more versatility in terms of installation.

iTech Company has been in this industry for several years and over time, they have developed innovative solutions for a wide range of applications including digital signage kiosks. Aside from pre-designed products, we also offer customize solutions to meet the specifications of our clients. For more info about our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us.