JKP Installing Slides Made Easy

1U KVM Drawers with 15"/17" LCD Monitor
• Hot Pluggable-add/remove computers without powering down the Switch

• 1Multi Bank installation-control up to 128 computers repectively

• 106 keys w/ Numerical keypad, PS/2 keyboard with touch pad
• Support DOS, Windows OS, Netware, SCO Unix, HP Unix, Linux

Firmware upgradeable through Mouse

Optional for 8 or 16 ports KVM


i-Tech's Rackmount Monitor( Installing Slides Made Easy)


As you may know, most of the 1U/2U networking equipments are average weight between 30 lbs to 60 lbs. It is not productive and cost effective to have at least total of two person, one for holding the equipments while other is mounting and securing the equipments on the rack.  But i-Tech designed a special railing system where one person can install easier without any hassle. 


First of all, we designed the sliding rails separate from the Rackmount chassis where you can fixed the two pieces of the sliding rails on the rack's rails first. After that you just need to slides the Rackmount monitor into the rails only. Simply done with this "Slides Made Easy" design 


Once you are in our store, you will find out that we also provides IP KVM Rackmount LCD Drawer, CAT5 Extenders Rack Mounted monitor, branded KVM Switches and Server Rack Cabinet, Rackmount Power Strips, KVM over IP, CAT5 KVM switches, USB kvm switch, Sun Compatible keyboard, Panel PC, Rackmount Chassis, UPS, PDU, Lan Station, Relay rack,19 inch rack


Features and Benefits

Integrated 8 port KVM switch, 17" LCD flat panel, full keyboard and touchpad in a 1U rack draw

Simple 3 steps rack mount installation-requires only one person to setup

Control 8 servers directly from one LCD console or 128 servers (Daisy chain)

Allow entire console slide into 1U (19") system rack-easily racked at any user-height

Frees up valuable server room real estate-up to 85% less space than a standard keyboard/mouse & monitor installation

Consolidates hardware and displayˇVsaving you time

Intelligently manages k/m booting

Autoscan for monitoring selected servers

RGB analog LCD display-up to 1280 x 1024 with 250cd/m(sq) brightness

Detachable console for easy repair or replacement

Supports Windows® 9x/ NT/ 2000/ ME/ XP, NetWare5.0, Linux®, Free BSD