Sliding Rackmount Monitor Kit and LCD Flushmount Kit

In this page, we have our range of Sliding Rackmount Monitor Kits as well asour LCD Flushmount Kit. These kits will allow you to install a standard flat panel monitor into a rack in a cost-efficient way.If you want to access multiple machines from one monitor at a lesser cost, check out the following products.

Rack mount KVM consoles are usually expensive. But with the introduction of sliding rack mount monitor kits, it significantly cuts the cost of having multiple terminal access. These kits enable your desktop and tower servers to be mounted in racks, giving you the advantages of co-location and easy access for maintenance. The design of such products combines computer attachment, a space saving mounting tray, slides, cable management and universal rack compatibility. These are also compatible with most of the 2post and 4post server racks and cabinets available in the market. It also works with all KVM switches. To prevent any accidental damage, there’s a safety lock out feature. Moreover, it is easy to install with the instructions included in the package.

Meanwhile, our flush mount monitor kit enables you to install any flat screen monitor that has a 75 or 100 mm VESA mount into any EIA 19" server rack. This also allows you to install of up to 20" flat screen display into a server rack. It fits any 4post and 2post rack as well.For more precise positioning in the server rack, the flush mount monitor kit is fully adjustable. Moreover, there’s also an optional rackmount keyboard available.

Our Sliding Rackmount Monitor Kit and LCD Flushmount Kit offers several advantages especially in terms of the cost without sacrificing quality. Contact us if you have more inquiries.