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Minicom DX System
The DX System gives you a highly secure integrated, flexible and supremely scalable solution for 24x7 BIOS-level control and management of high-density mission critical server environment.
The DX matrix system combines 4 major functions in one unified solution: KVM switching and control, serial control, power mangement, and user management.
Part # Users Ports Description
Minicom DX - - DX System Solution for Centralized KVM & Serial Management.
0SU60002 4 32 Minicom DX432 4-User 32-Server Cat5 KVM Switch.
0SU60001 - - Minicom DXU User Station for DX System.
0SU60004 - - Minicom DXUIP User Station and Smart IP Extender.
0DT23018 - - DX ServerDirect.
0SU51059 - - Minicom PS/2 Remote Interface Cable.
0SU51050 - - Minicom USB Remote Interface Cable.
0SU51051 - - Minicom SUN Remote Interface Cable.
0SU51052 - - Minicom RS232 Remote Interface Cable.
0SU51066 - - Minicom RICC PS/2 for DX System.
5AC00263 - - Minicom USB Stick for firmware upgrade (Compatible w/ DXU).
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Minicom Phantom Series
The Phantom is Minicom's cutting-edge CAT5 based KVM switching system for server management. It features multi-user control, mixed multi-platform support and comes in micro sized Specter units or PCI cards.
Part # Users Ports Description
0SU52016 2 - Minicom Phantom MX II (2 User)
0SU52015 - - Minicom Universal Phantom Manager
0SU21023 - - Minicom Phantom MXIP CAT5/IP KVM Switch
0SU52056 - - Minicom Phantom 263 (Bundle of MXII and UPM)
0SU52057 - - Minicom Phantom 263 IP (Bundle of MX-IP and UPM)
0SU51017 2 - Minicom Specter II Starter Kit UPM + 3 Specter II PS/2 (2 User Ready)
0SU51018 1 - Minicom Phantom Specter Starter Kit 1+3 (One User)
0SU42001 - - Minicom Phantom Manager PCI Card
0SU41001 - - Minicom Phantom Remote PCI Card
0SU51012 - - Minicom Phantom Specter II PS/2
0SU51011 - - Minicom Phantom Specter II USB/Sun USB
0SU51013 - - Minicom Phantom Specter II SUN
0SU51014 - - Minicom Phantom Specter II RS232
0SU51004 1 - Minicom Phantom Specter PS/2 63-port KVM Switch, Remote Single User
0SU52023 - - Minicom Rackmanager UPM Kit
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Minicom Smart Series
The Supervisor Smart is Minicom's next generation line of cost effective desktop KVM switches - powerful, compact and easy to install and operate. Use the Smart to monitor and control up to four computers from a single workstation.
The sleek, 1U sized Smart CAT5 KVM Switches line features CAT5 cable eliminates cable clutter, and powerful on-screen display control and management. The Smart CAT5 Switches support 8 or 16 computers, letting you control and operate all your server with just one keyboard, monitor and mouse!
Part # Users Ports Description
0SU51068 - - Smart IP Access
0SU21022 - - Minicom Smart IP Extender
0SU21032 - - Minicom Smart IP Link
0SU21025 1 16 Minicom Single User Smart 16 Port CAT5 KVM Switch Over IP
0SU21018 1 2 Minicom Supervisor Smart 2 Ports (all cables for 2 CPU's included)
0SU21020 1 4 Minicom Supervisor Smart 4 ports (all cables for 4 CPU's included)
0SU21019 1 4 Minicom Supervisor Smart 4 Ports (without CPU cables)
0SU22002 1 8 Minicom Single User Smart 8 Port CAT5 KVM Switch
0SU22003 1 16 Minicom Single User Smart 16 Port CAT5 KVM Switch
0SU21025 1 16 Minicom Single User Smart 16 Port CAT5 KVM Switch Over IP
0DT23001 - - Minicom CAT5 Smart KVM Extender PS/2
0SU51023 - - Minicom Smart CAT5 PS/2 RICC
0SU51024 - - Minicom Smart CAT5 USB RICC
0SU51025 - - Minicom Smart CAT5 SUN RICC
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Minicom Other Products

Part # Users Ports Description
0DT22017 - - Minicom Duet TWP Central & Remote Long Range Set PS/2 30 - 250m/820ft (110V)
0DT23008 - - Minicom Mini KVM Extender PS/2 distance of up to 70m/230ft (220V)
0DT23009 - - Minicom Mini KVM Extender SUN distance of up to 70m/230ft (220V)
0DT23010 - - Minicom Mini KVM Extender USB distance of up to 70m/230ft (220V)
0VS22013 - - Minicom CAT5 RS232 Extender
0DT23011 - - Minicom USB Extender (Support distance of 50m/150ft)
0SU51068 - - Smart IP Access
0SU21022 - - Minicom Smart IP Extender
0SU21032 - - Minicom Smart IP Link
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