21.5" 4U Quad Monitor Rackmount LCD

If you need to monitor multiple video sources on a single monitor, then check out these 4U Quad Monitor Rackmount LCD solutions from iTech Company. These 21.5" LCD displays allow you to simultaneously display and record four sources which is a great option for operation centers, security, and television control rooms, among others. See the specifications of the products below.

This line of Quad Monitor Rackmount LCD solutions feature four 21.5" high-resolution active matrix LCD monitors which delivers exceptional video clarity and color handling and occupy 4U of rack space. This type of LCDs are commonly used in remote and data monitoring, CCTV security, industrial control, and military applications, among others.

With over 9 different ordering configurations, it also offers an abundance of opening positions according to your preference. It also features low power consumption and simple plug and play functionality. There's also a unified button board design for independent or simultaneous LCD control. For outdoor use or in high ambient lighting conditions, the high brightness options ensure that it delivers clear and readable display even when used under direct sunlight. Moreover, there’s also an optional touch screen functionality for interactive applications and ease of use.

iTech Company's range of 21.5" 4U Quad Monitor Rackmount LCD were built with the highest quality components and up to date features. Being in this industry for several years, we take pride in providing innovative display solutions to our clients worldwide. We also offer customized solutions in order to exactly meet the requirements of our clients. For more inquiries, contact us.