Flush Mount (OSD at Rear Side)

Here, we have iTech Company's Flush Mount LCDs with OSD at rear side. This line of LCD monitors is equipped with IP65 or IP66 protection, providing enough protection to endure rugged applications. For of usage, it has an optional touchscreen functionality as well. These are available in various monitor sizes from 10.4" to 24" and widescreen dimensions of W10.1 to W24.1, with resolutions of 800x600 to 2048x1536. There's also a wide choices of brightness levels, ranging from 200nits to 1500nits.

This line of LCDs feature the latest imaging technology for enhanced clarity and sharpness. It supports VGA connector with optional AV, SV, AV-Looping for video inputs. These products are available with auto-brightness sensor, offering application in day and night.

Its modularized mechanical design offers flexible product configuration and easy maintenance as well. It has an aluminium housing flush mount design which offers more durability and protection from rugged applications. It has an AR Protective Glass at front as well. Moreover, you can also avail its optional build-in touchscreen feature for interactive application.

This line of industrial LCD monitorsprovide clear images andease of usage with its plug in and play installation. It is suitable for most applications, and can help you save time and money. Contact us to know more about these products.