Chassis Mount Wide Temp LCD (-30 to 80C)

At ITech Company, we offer chassis mount wide temp LCD monitors which function in a wide variety of conditions. The rugged features of our LCD devices, such as its IP65K rating, ensures that the LCD monitor operates optimally even in outdoor environments. Our LCD monitors have different resolution options ranging from 640x 480 to as high as 1920 x 1080. Our wide selection of LCD displays also have brightness from 450 to 1000 nits; making it perfect for bright locations. The display screen are built with a black anti-glare coating;which improves sunlight readability. Its touchscreen variant is made with the optical bonding method.This bonding method provides the best reduction of ambient light. Thus ensuring clear images even in a midday setting.

These chassis mount LCD monitors are built with durable parts which provide reliable and consistent performance. In fact, the LCD monitor has low noise fan. This feature allows the device to function optimally in temperatures ranging from-30C to 80C. Thus, making thesemonitors are ideal for use in a variety of climates.

Additionally, this line of rugged chassis mount monitors have wide viewing angles which ranges from 65/65/60/50 to 89/89/89/89. And thus, ensuring that the target audience may clearly see the items on display from many angles without losing image quality. There are also several touchscreen options we may offer our clients to fit their needs. Depending on the product, we offer hard coated or glass overlay screen. The hard coated display has high scratch resistance and is ideal for bright light applications. The other touch screen option is a glass overlay with a Moh's hardness rating of 7. This is for more specialized outdoor monitors which need better resistance to both scratching and breaking while remaining touch sensitive.

Our products are pre-built with high grade, rugged components suitable for outdoor use. But, we also offer several custom options to fit the needs of our client. You may contact us today through or number 888-483-2418 or email us at for more information.