22" Mass Transit Signage

iTech Company offers world class products for the transit industry that will help guide and inform passengers throughout their journey. Here, we have our range of 22-inch Mass Transit Signage which can be used to assist with way finding in large stations, notify travellers of updated departure times and as a medium for infotainment. These products are equipped with various features for deployment outdoors and to endure rugged applications.

Today, a digital signage has already become an important part of public transportation whether it is a bus stop or a subway station. This technology offers a lot of benefits mainly as a way to provide real-time vehicle arrival and departure information. As it is designed to be used 24/7, it must be equipped with rugged features to endure such demanding applications.

Our range of mass transit signage has a waterproof and dustproof feature with full IP/NEMA4 rating for the front and back. It has also a stainless and aluminium housing chassis for a more rugged design while its front panel has an AR protective glass. To ensure a readable display especially when used under direct sunlight and other high ambient lighting conditions, there’s an optional high brightness feature that you can avail. Other optional features include a built-in PC, 3G modem, GPS, network player and WiFi wireless module.

At iTech Company, we help deliver relevant information to the passengers. Either it will be used for destination signs or infotainment, we have the right solution for you. Contact us to know more about our products and services.