19" Digital Signage LCD 1280 x 1024 support photo, music, video viewer (Model: SG1900MP)

19" Digital Signage LCD 1280 x 1024 support photo, music, video viewer (Model: SG1900MP)

19" Digital Signage LCD 1280 x 1024 support photo, music, video viewer (Model: SG1900MP)

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Welcome! Congratulations on purchasing the SG SERIES Advertising Display.
How often is it that you realize that you have got hundreds of photos trapped on your PC or on your camera’s or telephone memory card and not knowing how to easily display them? While some digital cameras let you view your pictures on a TV, they usually requires a special cable and runs down the batteries; or you can view them on your PC, but that means they are stuck in and with your PC. But now with the SG Series it brings portable viewing pleasure to new heights.
The SG SERIES allows you to view your pictures on your kitchen counter, office desk, car, boat, train - anywhere, everywhere. Simply insert your digital camera memory card into the frame (it allows for different memory card formats--- and the frame automatically displays the photos on its bright, colorful Crystal clear 8” LCD screen. You can adjust the SG Series frame to display just one shot, or to cycle through all the photos via the self-running “slideshow” mode. A handy, credit card-size remote control lets you move forward or backward through your photos at will for added convenience. And you can set the frame to use a variety of transitions between photos (example, wipes, “window blinds” etc). Depending on the capacity of the memory card, it is possible to view hundreds or even thousands of pictures & video on the frame!
But that’s not all! Unlike most other digital picture display devices out there, the SG SERIES can also play MP3 (music) files through its built-in speakers.
The frame can be easily configured to play MP3’s while simultaneously displaying photos, alternatively it can either play MP3 files or display photos alone. The unit also supports MPEG4, DivX and XviD movie formats for playback of digital camera movies or movies created on your PC. USB connectivity makes file transfer fast and simple. The audio can also be routed out through a standard AV jack to your computer speakers or your home audio system. What’s more, you can also use the handy video-out jack and included video cable to run a slideshow on your TV screen or Screen projector.
So please take some time to read through this manual carefully in order to fully enjoy a truly portable multi media viewing experience.


1. SG Series support photo, music, video viewer, AV-out, USB (i2.0) Host function ports with wide View angle advertising panel.
2. Supports the following memory card formats: CFI, II / MD / MS / SM / MS pro / SD / MMC/SM (optional)
3. Photo data format: JPEG & BMP
4. Stereo MP3 format decoding
5. Video Format: M-JPEG (Digital Camera), MPEG1 (VCD), MPEG2 (DVD), and MPEG4 (Movie)
6. Support NTSC / PAL composite video output
7. Support photo zoom, rotate and slide show with background music.
8. Allows for copying of files between different format cards.
9. Able to copy files from USB port, such as digital camera and memory stick, to CF memory card
10. Compatible with most digital cameras’ stored JPEG images & Motion JPEG.
11. Calendar with month and date display.
12. Clock: Time, Alarm clock with snooze function
13. DXSB for Divx network & Multi –Audio Xvid for Divx codec
14. Remote Control, with easy operation for copying, deleting of files between different memory card.
15. Select any photos to favorite file to make special slide show for your optional photos.
16. Photo rotate/Zoom/thumbnail/Auto Slide show(Rotate function memory-Optional)
17. File and/or data can be swapped between other different Memory card to CF Card.
18. Compatable for use in Car, Truck, Boat with a special design (12 or 24V) cable. (optional)
19. Can be connected with External HDD to load or run the HDD’s data (optional)
20. Can pre-set up this unit Auto-power “On” or “Off” by user at three intervals (optional) and assign different sources of flash Cards.
21. VESA Mount (75mm or 100mm) compatible
22. Sleek “credit card” style remote control
23. User-Friendly on–screen display allows for easy user control
24. Universal Kensington Lock
25. Photo Slide show interval time setting 1/3/5/10/30/60/300/1800/3600/7200 (optional) sec.
26. Interchangeable Frames
27. Universal Power - for Line Voltage of 90 - 240V (Designed to meet International Standards)
28. Favorite files for Photo, Music, Video, memory function (Optional)


Panel interface 19" LCD Digital Panel VGA 1280 x 1024
Wide View Angle 19” Panel View angle, left &right, Up & down --- 170 Degree
Panel Contrast : 700 : 1,  Brightness : 300 cd/m2.
Video Format M-JPEG / MPEG1 / MPEG2 / MPEG4   (see Table 1)
Music Playback Stereo MP3 format decoding (32Kbps ~256Kbps)
Photo Viewer JPEG  (max. 5120x3840)
Expansion Memory Card Reader (CFI, II/ MD/ SM /MS/ MS Pro/ SD/ MMC)
Audio format 2CH audio D/A converter
USB port USBi2.0 host (3.4 MB/sec_
Speaker Driver 2W8 ohm stereo speakers x 2pcs
I/O connector USB host connector, load or run Digital Camera, Memory Stick, External HDD data, TV-out (earphone out), DC-IN Jack
LED Indicators Power LED (Green / Orange)
Time With Time, Alarm, & Snooze, Calendar function setting
Power Setting With Power Auto On/Off setting
Rotation Special photo rotation auto memorial function
Lock Lock to avoid Memory card lose
Control Button 5 control keys ---Power ( Manu, up, down, Auto for VGA only)
Remote Controller Multi functions Remote Control for card reader only
Power Adapter DC 12V 4A
Friendly User Interface   ---- Photo Slide show interval time setting    1 / 3 / 5 / 10/30/60/300/1800/3600/7200 secs
    ---- 12 photo slide transition selection
    ---- 11OSD language select
       English / French / German / Italian / Portuguese
 Spanish / Chinese / Japanese…11 countries.
    ---- Photo and Movie digest style from 2x2 to 5x5 matrix
    ---- MP3 and Movie repeat select off / one / all
    ---- MP3 equalizer display
    ---- File library for file select
  ---- Calendar with month from 2005 to 2020
    ---- Copy file or photos to the CF card
  Note: Specifications are subjected to change without prior notice

NOTE1:  Card read speed need more or equal to 2Mbps
NOTE2:  Card read speed need more or equal to 8Mbps

Identifying the Parts

1. Bezel Front Frame
2. LCD
3. IR Sensor
4. Front Firing Speakers
5. Wall Mount holes
6. VESA Mount Holes
7. Card Cover
8. USB Port
9. AV out
10. Kensington Lock
11. Power
12. Behind Card Cover/ Card input Slot