Remote Power Management Online Demo

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Remote Power Management Online Demo

This Server Technology Power Tower XL (PTXL) CDU Online Demo consists of a user manageable 8-outlet unit (PTXL-H008-1-02) with the optional EMCU-1-1 Environmental Monitoring Control Unit that contains inputs for up to two temperature/humidity probes, water/fluid detection probe, four cabinet intrusion detection dry contact closures and an analog input sensor. 

Features of the PTXL CDU Products 

  • Easy to use and access, secure, integral HTML Web GUI over HTTP/S, plus LDAP/S and TACACS+ external authentication and authorization support
  • Secure remote power management; reboot individual or grouped outlets (SSL, SSH, Telnet, SNMP, RS-232)
  • Individual outlets maybe linked to one or multiple groups
  • Optional temperature and humidity module available
  • Native power-up sequencing prevents in-rush current overload during initial start-up or after power loss.  Unlike other products on the market, sequencing occurs during initial startup, after power loss and after user-initiated power cycling to prevent overload
  • True RMS input current monitor(s) on easy-to-read local LED, via network or serial connection
  • SNMP traps provide automated alerts for power and environmental conditions.  Additionally, event notification is available via Syslog and email
  • Expandability: add additional outlets under one IP address through link module
  • Branch Circuit Protection – meetings UL 60950-1
  • Optional global secure modem for out-of-band access (available on PTXL-HD16 models)


    Web Interface Demo

    » Click here to begin HTML Demo
    At the authentication page, enter the following:
    Username: admn
    Password: admn
    Click on 'OK'
    To logout, click on the link located in the navigation bar on the left of the screen. 

    Product evaluation checklist

    In order to maximize the demo and fully understand all the features of the PTXL Products check out the PTXL-HFxx and PTXL-Hx16

    Telnet Connection Demo 

    To start the Telnet demo click on the link located below. This will load the Telnet application on your system.
    » Click here to begin Telnet Demo
    At the authentication page, enter the following:
    Username: admn
    Password: admn
    Press 'Enter'

    Because the Telnet applications differ between operating systems, these instructions are designed to cover the basic operations required to make this demo operate properly.  General recommendations for all Telnet applications include having the Terminal Preferences set to VT-100/ANSI emulation and VT 100 Arrows.

    To get a display of available commands, just press Enter at the 'Sentry:' prompt, which will show:

    PTXL Commands are:


    To view the status of all the outlets, type 'status' at the 'Sentry:' prompt.
    To turn an outlet off, type 'off' and the Outlet ID at the 'Sentry:' prompt. Example: off .a1
    To end a session type LOGOUT and press Enter.

    Please note that changes made during the demo session may NOT be preserved when the session is ended.