Open Frame Wide Temp LCD (-30 to 80C)

Here at i-Tech Company, we provide rugged open frame wide temperature LCD monitors with features which benefit multiple industries. These devices are made with industrial grade components, making these the ideal monitors for demanding tasks. The top-quality, rugged components also allows the device to operate optimally in temperatures ranging from -30C to 80C. Thus ensuring that our industrial grade open frame monitors function properly in various climates.

Our standard monitor sizes ranges from 6.5 to 17 inches. But, we also have several wide screen selections with the W7 inch and the W15.4 inch monitors options fit for more specialized tasks. These monitors also have resolutions which range from 640x 480 to 1280 x 1024.

You may rest assured that these LCD devices are reliable and can function optimally for extended periods of time. This is because the high IP65 rating present in our open frame LCD monitors protect the rugged internal components from foreign intrusions such as dust, water and other damaging substances. Our clients may also opt for an optional touchscreen feature. This allows for more versatility when integrating the monitor into the system.

Now, our rugged open frame temperature LCD monitors are applicable in many industries; most notably in the QSR industry. To fit the needs of this industry, our monitors have an IP65 rating with NEMA 4 sealing. In addition, the stainless steel back bezel casing provides an additional line of defence against damaging substances; which may impede the device's performance. This ensures that the monitor functions regardless of vinegar stains, moisture and cleaning products.

For faster integration, our open frame LCD monitor also has an easy to mount, metal frame chassis with top and bottom flanges. This makes it easier to install the device in several areas. The monitor also has an optional auto dimming feature. This make the screen lighting programmable. Hence, removing the need for manual light adjustments while reducing the energy consumption rate of the device.

We guarantee our clients that our products are built using rugged quality materials. For those interested, you may contact our toll free number at 888-483-2418 or you may visit our main office located at 42978 Osgood Road Fremont, CA 94539 USA.