55" IP Digital Video Extender Monitor Display (Model: IPCH5500HDMI)

55" IP Digital Video Extender Monitor Display (Model: IPCH5500HDMI)

55" IP Digital Video Extender Monitor Display (Model: IPCH5500HDMI)

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  • Remotely access computers on your KVM installation via intranet
  • Support HD video 1080p and PC WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution.
  • Based on Internet Protocol, all standard Giga or Fiber LAN switch HUB and CAT 6/7 cables can be used for inter-connection. Easy cabling, easily installs, and easily maintain.
  • For the digital signage application, support one-to-one and one-to-many modes with no signal delay.
  • Support 4 x USB over IP devices for the KVM extension, you can attach keyboard, mouse, storage, speaker, microphone at the receiver site to control the PC at the transmitter site.
  • Built-in USB sound card, you can directly connect speaker and microphone on the Receiver.
  • Support IR bridge, you can use the IR remote controller at Receiver site to control the set-top box at the transmitter site.
  • Support RS232 bridge, DTE/DCE are built-in on both sites.
  • Pure hardware design, plug-and-play, no additional software installation is required.
  • Modularize mechanical design provides flexible product configuration and easy maintenance.
  • Optional panel with ultra high brightness and super dynamic contrast, along option with auto-brightness sensor offers application in day and night.
  • Optional build-in touch screen for interactive application.

  • Available LCD monitors size. 26” / 32” / 42” / 46” / 55” / 65”


The Receiver

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BROAD MASTER IP Video Monitor Pro

Work remotely. Work securely. Work simply.

The iTechLCD BroadMaster integrated all-in-one monitor features Video-over-IP this technology for a fully seamlessly solution that integrates easily into your existing system.

The Broadmaster transmitter connects with PC or any device with HDMI/DVI source. The Broadmaster receiver connects to HDMI/DVI display, speaker, microphone, USB (Keyboard/Mouse/Storage/ ¡K) and RS232 devices. It based on the over a standard IP network can be used to inter-connect the Transmitter and Receiver for the high definition HDMI/DVI and KVM extension applications, like informational displays, entertainment, boardrooms, courtrooms, medical, military, and education digital signage. No drivers or software to manage at the desktop. Plus four USB ports let you easily connect your peripherals.