Flush Mount (OSD at Front Side)

This line of Flush Mount LCDs from iTech Company has an OSD at its front side. These products offer an extensive range of professional panel and console mountable LCD display solutions for a wide range of applications. These are also available in a variety of sizes and specifically-designed to provide outstanding performance and optimal image clarity while being equipped with a robust and durable construction. Browse these products below and know more about the specifications of each.

This type of monitors are suitable for a wide variety of semi-exposed and industrial environments. It has the necessary ruggedness and durability features to ensure suitability for a vast range of applications, whether it is pharmaceutical and food preparation to marine and avionics environments. Such display solution is engineered to deliver superior image quality with state-of-the-art features such as flicker-free imaging and wide viewing angles.It utilizes a LED backlight technology which has a benefit of energy-efficiency and a brighter screen.Such feature also results to longer operating life, low power of consumption, and environmental friendliness.

Other features that you can expect from this LCD display include the strengthened glass for additional display protection, sunlight readability, wide operating temperature capability, front-mounted OSD controls and an optional touchscreen interface. For video input, it supports DVI, DVI+HDMI, SVideo+AV, HD-SDI.

With all of these features, these industrial LCD monitors provide a robust solution in challenging settings without compromising display quality. Check out the other specifications of these LCD monitors and feel free to contact us to assist you with your needs.