Signage LCD-PC Engine Box

iTech Company's Signage LCD-PC Engine Boxare easy to use solutions and equipped with all the components needed to deliver dynamic real-time high resolution visual messaging. With its various features, it enables you to customize your content as well as the look-and-feel of your own digital sign. These are also high-performing products with a rugged design that can withstand long 24/7 operation. See its various features below.

With these devices, no software are needed. Simply plug it in and you'll have a fully functional and customizable digital signage system. It comes with a visual editor that allows you to see your content exactly as it will appear on the sign. It also features a slim and rugged mechanical design which can be fixed behind the display safely and nicely.With its built-in software drivers, it supports all the 16 by 9 resolutions in portrait mode.

Durability is also a main consideration in these signage embedded systems. With its industrial-grade design, the configurations and all its parts can be supported in the next 3 to 5 years without any change. High-reliability is guaranteed. This means that this Engine Box will not shut-down or hang-up and show a black screen in a public place. It is outfitted with a built-in industrial-grade Intel845 embedded board that can run 24/7. In case the computer shuts down, it automatically reboots. Meanwhile, these devices are equipped with our proprietary design of thermal solutions in order to support continuous operation. The special heat pipe thermal module used can support up to P4 3.06GHz.