Choosing 42-Inch Industrial LCD Displays for Kiosk Installation


by iTech Company | February 20, 2018



Today, kiosks have become an innovative model of advertising, information hub, and self-service options. Its advantages make it as a remarkable asset for businesses and a convenient tool for customers.


However, kiosks are strategically set up in many crowded areas. Many people will definitely be using the device, plus there is a possibility of moisture, dirt, and shock damages. Thus, there is a need to ensure that even the most exposed area, which is the LCD, is sturdy.


A 42-inch industrial LCD display for a kiosk will guarantee that the device can withstand extreme conditions. Its ruggedized components allow the kiosk to last for extended periods. Hence, it lowers overall maintenance costs while providing great customer experience.


So, why is it that an industrial-grade 42-inch display is ideal for kiosk installation? This blog will expound on the benefits of this type of display that makes it suitable for kiosks.


Integrating 42-Inch Industrial LCD Display with Kiosks


Public places pose different threats to a kiosk’s lifespan. Not only is the device exposed to weather duress, but also to surface contaminants. Also, since kiosks will be used by the public all the time, there is a possibility of hardware failure due to extreme usage.


That is why a 42-inch ruggedized LCD display is suitable for kiosk installation. Its size encompasses wide readability while ensuring that the display can last under extreme conditions.


Read through the next sections to learn about the features of 42-inch rugged LCD displays appropriate for kiosk set up.


Features of Ruggedized LCD Display Suitable for Kiosks


Hospitals, airports, shopping malls and many other public places have greatly benefitted from kiosks. Digital signage kiosks provided an interactive way for people to access information. But, because of the risks that may cause hardware failures for a kiosk, it is important to use robust LCD displays.


Since an LCD display is the most visible area of a kiosk, it is more exposed to harsh conditions which can cause overall hardware malfunction. Choosing a 42-inch industrial-grade LCD display for a kiosk warrants operability for extended periods. Plus, it has wider viewing option which makes it a preferable choice.


Its durability and the larger screen make it stand out for kiosk installation. Here’s a list of features of a 42-inch industrial LCD display:


Projected Capacitance Touchscreen


A 42-inch LCD display with interactive projected capacitive screen option definitely improves human-machine interaction. That way, more comprehensive information database can be provided to users.


Wide viewing angle with high-quality display


Kiosks with 42-inch displays have 178/178 viewing angle. Plus, it has 1920x1080 display resolution which delivers excellent image clarity. This makes the kiosk a suitable mode of advertising as well.


Anti-glare treatment


LCD displays with anti-glare treatment allow readability even under tough ambient situations. Thus, kiosks with this type of screen offer clear viewing even when placed outdoors.


LED Backlight


LED backlight for displays is advantageous because it has lower power consumption. However, this does not reduce the overall brightness of the screen. Rather, it actually makes it easier to read in bright conditions.


These features of an industrial-grade LCD display makes it ideal for kiosks usage. Also, the specs provide kiosks with the durability necessary for outdoor installation.


Maximizing Kiosk’s Benefits with 42-inch Industrial Display


Kiosks have provided several advantages for businesses and customers alike. But, to maximize those benefits, these devices should be equipped with robust components.


One of the best ways to optimize kiosks' overall operability and durability is to install industrial grade LCD displays. A 42-inch display kiosk has great viewing options while at the same time it has the durability to last even in outside condition.


Consult with I-Tech Company today to check more about the 42-inch rugged display for kiosks installation.




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