Getting Started in Industrial Displays LCD Kiosks: A Step-by-Step Guide


by iTech Company | January 23, 2018


Ease of access, smoother operations, and making your business stand out are just some of the benefits of installing industrial display LCD kiosks. To maximize the advantages of kiosks, it is important that they have to be set up in the right place.


For example, when it comes to advertising a product or offering self-service options to customers, a kiosk has to be placed outside the establishment. That way, the business can make the most out of it and gain more profit.


However, there are several things to consider when looking for the perfect kiosk that fits that needs of the organization. As each kiosk is built for different purposes, you may discover that this type of kiosk will work for another organization but not for your own establishment.


What To Consider On Choosing Industrial Displays LCD For Kiosks


Here are the things to consider in choosing the kiosk that will fit your business needs:




Industrial kiosks are made for different purposes. Some were built for advertisements, while others are made to provide comprehensive information regarding a product to their target audience.


In addition, kiosks have various shapes and sizes. Do consider factors the space where the kiosk will be installed, audience and usage. There are kiosks that can be wall mounted if there is a limited space in the area. Or if it is for outdoor usage, there are those that are built to withstand climate conditions and with LCD screens that are resistant to scratches, dust, dirt, and impact damage.


One thing that is important to note is that the LCD display of a kiosk needs to have a high-quality display. This will ensure the clarity of the information presented on the screen.




Coupled with the right hardware specifications, choosing the right software is definitely important. The software will be responsible in representing the organization to the target audience. For human-machine interaction type of technology such as touchscreen kiosks, it is crucial that the device can be operated by people at any ability level.


With touchscreen feature becoming more used in different technologies, always choose a touchscreen technology that can survive heavy usage without sacrificing image quality. For your kiosk, look for an industrial LCD touchscreen that can survive heavy use, waterproof and dust proof that can withstand indoor and outdoor hazards.




Kiosks are the front-line in presenting your organization. The design of your kiosk and its software should be in-line with your brand image. Choose the right colour, shape, and finish that best suits the organization.


Also, remember to always choose a kiosk with an industrial LCD display that has high brightness/contrast ratio. This will ensure that your brand will stand out!


Choosing the Best LCD Display for Your Kiosks


A kiosk is definitely a huge investment and to capitalize on it, the device should be durable and long-lasting. With this, industrial LCD displays are the best match for kiosks. These displays are made to withstand climate condition and will definitely survive for a long time even with heavy usage. Obviously, it is a great asset that is cost-effective and efficient for an organization.


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