8" LCD Monitor Vehicle PC

Here, we have our 8-inch LCD Monitor Vehicle PCs which are ideal for mounting on various vehicles such forklifts, trucks, tuggers, and inventory pickers, among others. This line of computers are integrated with several useful features and has a rugged design which is great for vehicle applications that are exposed in harsh conditions. With iTech Company’s engineering design of these products, we deliver highly-efficient and reliable technologies that will help improve overall productivity. Browse these below and see their specifications.

These compact PCs are powered by Intel processors with Windows operating system to deliver a reliable computing solution. It has an 8-inch display which is compact enough and ideal for mobility applications such as in vehicles. It has also a touch screen functionality for convenient usage easy access to programmable function keys.

These devices are also guaranteed to endure harsh conditions wih its rugged design. It can withstand splashes of water and exposure to dust as it has a rugged aluminium enclosure which is IP65-compliant. For resistance against strong vibrations and shocks, it also complies with various military standards such as MIL-STD 810G. Meanwhile, its quick-mounting solution and field-replaceable front panel allows for easy installation, servicing and switching between vehicles. It also includes an internal backup battery that allows it to be swapped seamlessly to another dock in just a matter of minutes.

This type of rugged all-in-one PCs from iTech Company are designed to be deployed in challenging and on-the-move conditions. It utilizes high-grade industrial components to meet the requirements for vehicle applications. Contact us and avail our products now!