65" Digital Signage All-in-one Media Player

iTech Company's 65" Digital Signage All-in-one Media Player offers a plug-and-play digital signage solution that can be deployed both indoors or outdoors. It is composed of a screen and media player that allows you to communicate to your target audience effectively. This robust device features a large screen, powerful computing performance and high-quality graphic displays for an excellent operation of your digital signage. Either this digital signage will be used for advertising, hospitality, or delivering information, it offers an ideal solution. See its specifications below.

This device delivers a stunning multimedia playback with its high definition resolution of 1920 x 1080 and HD output 1080P. It also utilizes a LED backlit technology for a superior display quality with wide viewing angle that is ideal for outdoor applications. It supports the most common media formats to run videos, photos and audios. These include JPG, MP3, MPG1/2/4, AVI and DIVX. Simply plug the media through CF, SD and USB port to load the content. This digital signage media player also features an auto-play and auto-repeat functions.

Meanwhile, it is also built to withstand daily usage with its commercial-grade LCD with metal housing. Some of the optional features you can avail include the LCD high brightness level of up to 1000nits, motion sensors and dimming sensors, vandal-proof safety glass, stainless steel front bezel, and anti-reflective front glass for added protection.

iTech Company offers a range of digital signage solutions that delivers premium image quality and easy to install. These products are great devices to communicate with your audience while engaging and entertaining them at the same time. With our skilled engineering team, these solutions are guaranteed to perform reliably and for longer period of usage as well.