32" Mass Transit Signage


iTech Company’s range of 32-inch Mass Transit Signage systems offer an innovative technology to any agency of public transportation. It provides an effective solution for various transportation modes such buses, subways, trams and rail transports. Digital signage displays are of great use in wayfinding in large stations, notifying travellers of updated departure times and brightening a commuter’s day with interactive campaigns and other forms of entertainment. See more of these products below.


Digital signage in public transportation is a very effective way to communicate with passengers and deliver relevant information to them. Take note that passengers are very captive audience while most of their time spent in waiting. With this, installing a digital signage network can be of great advantage. Aside from the important message to reach to passengers, it also offers contextually relevant, revenue-generating advertising, news and information options.

These devices feature high resolutions at 1366 x 768 for excellent image quality. It has the best visual size of 16:9 and support HD image. The Picture-in-Picture feature allows users to focus only in one content or advertisement one at a time. The protection of the front acrylic frame makes it more durable and tough as well. It has been tested and shown 55° C after 16 hours of use. Moreover, it has a reasonable contrast ratio of 2000:1.

In response to the requirements of mass transit signage systems, iTech Company engineered reliable solutions that are designed to effectively guide and inform passengers throughout their journey. For the operators, ads can be displayed which also offer benefits for viewers and advertisers alike. Call us for more info about these products.