Digital Signage Comparison

Model Name
Products Media Player Media Signage
Video Output (Box only) Composite,S-Video DVI-I,Composite,S-Video, CVBS
Audio Output (Box only) Stereo Audio Stereo RCA 2Wx2
Network connections NO RJ-45(10-100 Base-T) miniPCI(802.1b/g)
Control lnput NO RS232
Storage CF/SD/MD/MMC/MS/SM CF(256MB,Optional with bigger capacity) or 2.5"HDD(40GB)(Need to be Linux ext2 format)
Data Update Stand Alone By Ethernet/WLAN/USB Networking(By Ethernet/WLAN)/USB Flash Drive
Video Format Support MPEG 1,2,4 MPEG1,MPEG2,MPEG4,WMV9
Graphics Format Support JPEG JPEG,BMP
Server AP NO Yes
Multiple Screen-splits NO Yes
Screen Splits Single screen 1- 3 zones
Scheduling NO Yes
Virus Proof Yes Yes
Auto-play after power-on Yes Yes
Client User Interface NO NO
Group Management NO Yes
Playout status Confirm NO NO