VESA Mounting Bracket


Along with the LCD screen’s size, you have to be familiar with the VESA standards as well to avoid any compatibility issues. It indicates the position of the four mounting holes on the back of the LCD screen. Most of the LCD and TV manufacturers follow such standardized screw-hole positions in order to ensure that these products are compatible with one another. While iTech Company offers mainly industrial LCD displays and computers, it also provides various accessories for these devices and one of these is the VESA mounting brackets. Our products are available as fixed VESA mount, adjustable VESA mount, 2U single mount, and 2U dual mount, among others. See these various products below.

VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association), which is composed of a group of companies establish certain standards in the consumer electronics industry, including the LCD displays. One of such standards is the mounting hole patterns which is located at the back of the electronic display such as LCD screen or TV. By mounting these devices in whatever way the user prefers, it can free up space in the area while having a sleek and stylish look with no wires showing up. With a VESA standard, it prevents you to purchase a mount that doesn’t fit your screen.

Our products offer multiple installation methods with its various mount support such as 75x75 mm, 100x100 mm and 100x200 mm monitors, providing more flexibility for most monitors and monitor mounts. We have also fixed and adjustable rack mount brackets for a stable platform for mounting VESA mount compatible monitors.

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