Vehicle Mount Computer

iTech Company offers the latest innovations of rugged computers that can be mounted into vehicle applications. Such vehicles may include forklifts, tow motors, ATVs, police, fire and ambulances, golf carts, boats, planes and trucks, among many others. Our rugged vehicle mount computers are designed to operate in various challenging environments.

There are some applications that are constantly facing conditions where it is wet, dirty and have extreme temperatures. These are common in warehouses and distribution centers where vehicles like forklift plays an important role. We address these issues with a reliable product equipped with a number of useful features that can simplify complex operations. With our vehicle mount computers, we combine high-performance computing features, mobility,and rugged design in order for these products to meet the requirements needed for 24-7 operationwithout damaging expensive hardware.

Powered by reliable processors and integrated with Windows systems, these machine deliver more accurate information.It is also equipped with WLAN, Bluetooth, and GPS connectivity for integration into the industrial-grade computing platforms, providing real-time data exchange, navigation, and communications.Some of the feature highlights of these products include the field replaceable front panel to reduce service cost and prevent productivity loss.There’s also the rugged housing for a reliable machine, ensuring long-term use. Its wide operating temperature option also delivers optimum performance in order to accommodate different industrial applications and extreme weather conditions.

With iTech Company’s products, you are able to minimize errors and improve overall operational efficiencies in your application.To find out more about our products, or discuss your specific requirements, contact us anytime