Using Industrial Computers in the Food Manufacturing Industry


by iTech Company


One of the reasons of the significant growth of the food manufacturing industry is the utilization of modern technologies which automate and simplify its various processes. Of these technologies, computer plays a vital role. Just like any other industry, computers are an essential tool in the food manufacturing industry. With the use of computers, it increases efficiency, reduces waste and boosts production in these settings.


However, there are several challenges in a food processing area that a consumer-grade computer won’t endure. These include being exposed to splashes of water which can cause obvious problems to a typical computer system. There’s also the varying extreme temperatures which can be either too cold or too hot. As these devices are usually attached to other equipment, strong vibrations is also another issue.


Thus, what this type of application needs is a computer that can withstand these various challenging conditions and hazards. With this, comes the industrial rugged PCs which are specifically designed to operate in these areas. These computers comply with the IP rating standards for water and dust protection, allowing it to be washed down without compromising its performance. Along with other useful features, this type of computers is ideal for use in the food manufacturing industry.


Significant Features of an Industrial Computer

Industrial computers are fully sealed and waterproof devices, which provide enough protection to be used in demanding applications such as in the food processing automation. These are usually sealed to IP65 or IP66 rating standards and can operate perfectly well in washdown environments. Either it will be washed down with boiling water, disinfectant, or other industry-standard detergents, these devices can handle well for a safe and germ-free environment.


For ease of user interface, it can also be equipped with a touchscreen feature. With this, it can perform particular functions with just the touch of a finger or gloves. For more durability, the screen can also be shatter and crackproof to endure rough handling or any accidental situation. Depending on the type of application it will be used to, you also have various options for its computing power, from the standard to higher end specs that can do complex tasks smoothly. Many manufacturing and processing plants nowadays are making use of industrial embedded computers as well, which are designed to perform a specific function.


Wide operating temperature is also one of its main features, allowing it to operate in extreme cold or hot environment without fear of system failure or data loss. Moreover, these devices typically have stainless steel exterior for more rugged design and for hygienic and easy to clean surface as well.


With the many features of industrial computers that consumer-grade PCs don’t have, these devices offer a perfect solution for the food processing environment. However, one of essential factors to end up with a reliable product is to choose your product supplier well. At iTech Company, we always make sure that our products are factory tested and comply with various industry standards to deliver optimal performance at all times. While durability is one of our main concerns, we also integrate the latest technology available into our products in order to meet the various requirements of our clients. For quality and excellence, you can always rely on us with our range of innovative industrial computers.