Using All Weather Digital Signage Displays for Agricultural Operations


by iTech Company | January 11, 2018


With the onset of industrial grade computers, digitization is slowly entering the agricultural sector. Right now, it is being used in plant production and management operations.


Agricultural machinery constantly generates vibrations, shock, and extreme heat, which can damage a commercial-grade LCD display. But not for industrial-grade displays. By augmenting this type of display with agricultural machinery, precision farming - which is managing variations in the field accurately to grow more food using fewer resources and reducing production costs in plant production- was made possible.


Now, industrial grade computers’ displays have improved for outdoor readability. I-Tech’s All Weather Digital Signage Displays are fit for indoor and outdoor applications in order to meet the needs of the agriculture industry.


What are the advantages of using All Weather Digital Signage in the agriculture industry? Read through the sections below to learn more.


All Weather Digital Signage Displays for Optimizing the Agricultural Sector


The readability of a display is equally important with an LCD display’s durability. Here is a list of features to check when looking for an All Weather outdoor display that is suitable for plant production and management operations in the agricultural industry:


Excellent Sunlight Readable Outdoor LCD


In order to expand the functionality of computing technologies, it is significant that it can be operated outdoors. Now, LCD displays have high-brightness panels so it can be easily viewed outdoors. Pro-tip, always look for a high contrast ratio to maximize readability.


Wide temperature range


Due to different weather conditions, the temperature in an area will vary. However, All Weather Digital Signage Displays are built to withstand these extremely varying temperatures while providing good readability even in tough ambient light condition.


Strong front glass


Dirt and impact damage are unavoidable in the agricultural sector. In addition, dirt that will pile up on the screen may cause irreversible damage to the unit and eventually, hardware failure. It is crucial that the LCD display is resistant to dirt, scratches, and strong enough to withstand impact damage.


Customizable features


Each operation in the agriculture industry has its own set of required technology. Customizability of a digital signage is important in catering the specific needs and at the same time, improve performance efficiency of a certain process in the agricultural operation.


It is definitely necessary to supply the exact needs of a certain industry or operation. The rudimentary features stated above can help in narrowing down the wide selections of All Weather Digital Signage Displays. With this signage system, operations will go smoothly without worrying that the LCD display will malfunction at any moment.




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