Top Features to Take Advantage from a Rugged Portable PC


by iTech Company


Today, rugged portable computers have an increasing demand as different industries realize their value and applications. These devices are not just about mobility. It is actually an advanced technology with a powerful performance in a portable package. This type of computers were also designed as a result of the industry’s desire to get the size down of personal computers. Whatever application you intend to use it for, there are several features that you can take advantage from rugged portable computers.


With its rugged design, these computers can withstand frequent and prolonged use in strenuous and extreme conditions. Several of these devices are intended for applications where it will be exposed to harsh industrial environments. It typically includes a chassis made of heavy gauge steel for ruggedness and corrosion resistance. For extreme conditions, the usual aluminum alloy case is being reinforced with rubber bumpers.


Durability is a main consideration for these devices. Thus, it ensures a longer lifespan than a typical computer. Some of the extra protection include the NEMA or IP rating compliance. These are standard systems to categorized electronic products that can resist against moisture, dirt and other unwanted debris. With regards to the internal components, its hard drive usually has a sturdy construction to endure shock and vibrations which are common in industrial applications.


For mobility purposes, a portable computer integrates the LCD screen, keyboard and mouse into the chassis. There’s also a handle so that this type of computer can be carried easily like that of a briefcase. You can use these computers while standing up and carrying it to different locations. The LCD sizes vary, but generally these devices can be hand-carried. It is usually designed in a rugged lunchbox style form factor which can be upgraded in the future depending on the needs of the application.


In comparison to laptops, this type of PC has advanced performance. It utilizes standard desktop parts such as the motherboards, CPUs, RAM cards, and hard drives to create a portable desktop. It can have the performance of a standard desktop but it is easier to transport. With these, you’ll have plenty of room for full-length expansion cards although it has a compact size. It is also a great option for your stand alone, data acquisition, controlling and monitoring systems.


Meanwhile, there are several latest models these days that allow for battery power. Typically, it needs an AC power to run. The new models that are coming out in the market let you configure this type of computer and give you the option for instance, an added 220W high efficiency batteries.


With a rugged portable computer, you can have the advantages of a laptop computer but with the power of a standard desktop computer. It is ideal solution if you want a fully functional computer to be used in the field or in harsh environments. If ever you are searching for this type of computers, choose a supplier that can provide you a reliable system in which you can use for demanding and critical applications.


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