Top Features That Contribute to the Characteristics a Rugged PC


by iTech Company


Rugged computer systems are intended to be used in rough and punishing environments which are commonly encountered in industrial and military applications. This type of PCs have a number of especially engineered features that a typical computer doesn’t have. These devices have industrial strength components, a rugged external design, and compliance with various international standards to ensure its high-quality and optimum performance under harsh conditions. Below are the top features that contribute to the characteristics a rugged PC:


Protection from water and splash of liquids

As this type of PCs is designed to be deployed in industrial and commercial work environments, one of the common challenges is its exposure to water, moisture and other splashes of liquids. Such elements can damage a typical computer, especially its electrical components. Applications like food and beverage processing, outdoors, and military deployments commonly encounter these. For a water-resistant feature, the performance of the rugged PC will be tested after being exposed to various amounts of water and moisture levels.


Resistance against strong shocks

With this feature, you are able to determine how much shock load a particular rugged computer can endure without compromising its operating performance. There is a test for this that measures the height and number of the drops that a rugged PC can endure. The PC will be dropped from a distance of 36 inches on a thick plywood over a steel plate over concrete. After each drop, the device is then booted up for inspection and check if it still functions properly.


Vibration resistance

On the other hand, rugged PCs are also often used in vehicle applications, and around other equipment in several industrial applications. One of the common challenges with this is the high level of vibrations where it can affect the condition of the computer. Constant vibration can damage a regular keyboard and the internal components of a consumer-grade PC. A rugged PC assures that it can keep performing in this kind of environments. The vibration test is usually done according to the MIL-STD-810G military standard in order to ensure that these workhorses can stand up to continuous vibrations.


Dust resistance

A typical PC tend to collect dust and dirt over time through its air venting system. These dust particles can affect the performance of the computer or even damage the device, thereby, interrupting your productivity or might cause data loss. Meanwhile, a rugged PC comply with MIL-STD-810G standards. It is a military standard that reveal the ability of the device to keep dust and other particles to sneak into its I/O ports or any other crevices. Several rugged portable computers today have designs that dissipate heat without the use of fans. Its materials in the casing act as heat sinks in order to prevent dust and dirt from entering the inside of the case. Rugged computers also comply with IP rating standards for maximum protection against dust and including water and moisture. Such protection completely prevent particle penetration when the device is introduced into extremely windy work conditions.


Wide operating temperatures

From freezing conditions to dessert-like environments, rugged computers should perform to a wide range of operating temperatures. Typically, the temperature ranges between -32° to 60°C or -10° to 140° F. Rugged PCs usually have an option for various temperature ranges, giving you a choice that’s appropriate for a particular application. These computers can be equipped with a built-in heater or cooling system for operating in freezing or extremely hot temperatures.


Rugged computers help improve efficiency and boost productivity in many applications. It has a rugged design that can handle various tough conditions without compromising the performance of the device. If you are looking for this type of industrial computer, visit a right store online. One of the reputable suppliers of rugged computers is iTech Company. Being in this industry for several years, they continue to provide innovative solutions to their various clients worldwide. While high quality is one of the key signatures of their products, they also incorporate the latest technology to come up with state-of-the-art products. Contact them for more info about their products.