Top Advantages of Using Rack Mount Monitors


by iTech Company


Rack mount monitors are considered as one of the most significant innovations in the technology industry. Before, there was a 1-to 1 relationship between a keyboard-monitor and server. But all these change with the introduction of rack mount monitors and KVM switches. A rack mount monitor keyboard is a light weight LCD style monitor that can be stored in rack mountable shelf. Such rack mountable shelves house a video, keyboard and track pad or mouse and when it is used in conjunction with KVM switches, the ratio of monitors to servers is increased. In this way, you are able to minimize the number of monitors, tracking device and keyboards.


Here are the top advantages of using rack mountable keyboard monitors:


Space-saving solution
Before the era of rack mount monitor keyboards, CRT styled monitors are the common choice. However, it takes a lot of space in a server rack of desktop. Such space could otherwise be allotted for a server which is a core service provider in any network. It has the main function of providing file storage and shared applications while the monitor is used to control and manage the server. With a rack mount monitor solution, the monitor space requirement has been reduced from 15' to just 1RU of rack space. Take note that having more servers in a rack would mean more efficiency and potential revenues for businesses.


Deliver superior display
Moreover, such devices are also capable of delivering 16.7 million colors, wide viewing angles, and fast response times which are suitable for live video. These monitors can also support higher video resolutions, from 1024 x 768 pixels to 1920 x 1200 Pixels depending on the size of the monitor.


Lesser power consumption
Again, the use of CRT monitor which was the popular choice before has another disadvantage of consuming a lot of energy. Now, LCD monitors have been the top option and it consumes less energy and take only 1U of space. Thus, using rack mount monitor keyboard instead of CRT significantly reduces the amount of energy that is used. Take note that in a data center, there are hundreds of monitors that are being used.


Enhanced security

With rack mount monitors, there’s also an improved security over the equipment. Remember that one effective way to secure data is to place the equipment in a secured environment. Rack mount monitor provides such solution as it can be easily installed in a rack cabinet with a door that is lockable. It can also be folded into a tray and you can slide it underneath, hiding it from other people in the room.

Rugged construction
Many of rack mount monitors these days are designed for industrial applications which means that they were built to endure harsh and demanding conditions. This type of monitors may have metal ruggedized housing for rugged protection. There’s also a tempered glass which can be mounted in front of the LCD panel for protection against impact and dust on the LCD panel. All of these provide more efficiency and durability to the product.


Rack mount LCD monitors are being used everywhere now and you may be also considering it for your application. However, not all of these devices are created equal. Take note that quality and reliability are also big considerations. Thus, choosing a reputable supplier is also important. At iTech Company, they always ensure that their products meet various tests and high quality standards before rolling it out to the consumers. For more info of their products, visit their website.