The Pros and Cons of LCD Displays

Everything from TVís to monitors can be found in LCD in todayís modern world. A quality industrial LCD display provides you with a clear, crystal picture that canít be beaten anywhere on the market today. However, as with any type of modern invention LCDís come with their own set of pros and cons. Read on below for a few of the advantages and disadvantages of going with an industrial LCD display.

Pro: Extremely High Resolutions

You can find LCD displays in about every resolution possible. From 1080-p for cable display to 720p for plasma displays, if you need it, itís most probably out there for sale.

Con: Sort of Expensive for the Size

It is rumored that LCD is a little bit more expensive than your average plasma flat panels on the market today. If, however, you really want a display that pops, LCD is the best bet for you.

Pro: Awesome Picture

The picture that you get with an LCD display cannot be beaten. Instead of a traditional bulb, newer LCD displays use LED lighting, also known as a light emitting diode. This allows it to have a more daylight looking effect, instead of a yellowish light that is common with normal bulbs.

Con: Viewing Angle is Limited

While they are getting better with time, LCDís tend to have a limited viewing angle. If you arenít sitting right in front of the screen, it can be hard to see.

Pro: Energy Efficient

These types of displays are said to be the greenest option on the planet. They are designed to use less energy and seem to be doing so well. If you are environmentally friendly, like everyone should be these days, then you should go with LCD, for this very reason.

Pro: No Burn In

One of the biggest benefits to LCD displays is the lack of burn in. If you play a lot of video games or do stuff where there isnít a lot of moving around on the screen, then LCD displays are for sure the best bet for you.

These are just a few of the pros and cons of LCD displays. If you are still on the fence, do your research, read some reviews on social media sites and then make the choice that is the right one for you and your needs. LCD industrial displays are here to stay.