The Main Differences between an Industrial LCD and Consumer-Grade Monitor Display


by iTech Company


LCD or liquid crystal display monitors have become a popular choice for several applications nowadays. However, LCD monitor display can be categorized into industrial and consumer-grade type. While these two types of monitors can produce outstanding quality displays, they are engineered differently. Industrial displays LCD are commonly deployed in factories, outdoor kiosks, digital signage, military and naval applications, food processing, and in hospitals, among others. On the other hand, consumer-grade monitors are typically used in office and home settings. Here are some comparisons between the two types of monitor displays:


As industrial LCD displays are designed for harsh and rugged applications, you can expect that these monitors have way better durability features than consumer-grade displays. This is one of the top factors that differentiates industrial and consumer-grade LCDs. This includes endurance from shock, vibrations, and temperature variations. Several of the industrial LCDs also have waterproof and dustproof protections by complying with various standards such as NEMA and IP rating. So, even when you immerse it in water, industrial LCDs have a particular protection for that.


Readability Issue
While consumer-grade LCDs remain visible in normal lighting settings, this is not the case when you deploy it outdoors where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. You’ll notice that the screen will be washed out or look dim when used outdoors. Industrial displays have some ways to address this issue. Sunlight readability feature is one of the options that you can integrate in an industrial monitor display if you want to ensure visibility of the screen especially for outdoor applications. This type of LCDs have high brightness levels and contrast-ratios to support better readability.


Custom designs
With a consumer-grade monitor, you get the standard configuration offered by a particular brand and product model. But when you avail for an industrial monitor, you are given the option to customize it according to your specifications. This ensures that the device meets the requirements of whatever application it is intended for. This includes the sizes as well as the various features that you want to integrate on it like touch screen functionality, quality of the display, screen resolutions, wide viewing angle, and wide operating temperature, among others.


High-grade components
Another advantage of industrial monitors is that it use industrial-grade components. The resulting product is more rugged and robust which can endure challenging conditions such extreme temperatures, shocks and vibrations. Better components will also lead to better image quality and overall performance of the device. Meanwhile, consumer-grade monitors use average quality components especially those in mid-range levels as they are commonly deployed in office and home settings.


Mounting options
While consumer-grade monitors are typically place on a computer table, industrial LCD displays offer various mounting options depending on the requirements of your applications. These include standard, rack mount, panel mount, ceiling mount, and wall mount options. Also, industrial LCDs typically have VESA-compliant standard mounting connections to complement the standard industry mounting devices while consumer-grade monitors are mostly not VESA-compliant and thus, you may need special optional mounting brackets for this to be compatible to other mounting options.


Better product warranty
Consumer-grade monitors have usually 6 months to 1 year of warranty when you buy it from a retail outlet. After that period, you have to pay with your own money if it gets damaged and you want it to be repaired. For industrial monitors, it has a longer-term warranty of typically 3 years. Thus, if anything goes wrong with your monitor, the provider will manage for repairs or even replace the unit.


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