The Critical Importance of Rugged Military Displays

If there’s an industry in which the reliability of tech solutions is paramount, it’s the military. The computers, monitors and other hardware used must be not only top-notch quality but extremely reliable in even the toughest conditions – because failure is not an option. The displays used on ships, in aircraft, and in vehicles provide information that personnel then use to make mission-critical decisions.

The rugged military displays manufactured here at I-Tech Company have to withstand the toughest conditions and still perform impeccably. And we’re proud to say that we pass muster – after all, our customers include the U.S. Border Patrol, U.S Coast Guard and U.S. Navy.

Extreme Durability

Not only do rugged military displays have to be able to withstand some of the most extreme temperature and environmental scenarios imaginable (think dust, sand, dirt, moisture), they also have to be able to withstand some rough use. In many cases, these displays are in used in tight quarters, and the likelihood of them being hit with equipment or accidentally kicked or otherwise roughly treated is high. Not only must the display’s glass be able to withstand the treatment, the entire device must continue to operate at top levels.

Confidence in Reliability

Above all, the personnel using these rugged military displays must be able to feel a degree of confidence in the information being displayed. Even a slight hesitation in interpreting what’s on the screen can make a big difference. Accurate and easily-accessible information, then, must be provided at all times to ensure success.

Heightened Expectations

One concern for the users of these displays is their screen resolution. Much of the drive toward higher and higher screen resolutions in rugged military displays is being brought on by the ever-increasing capabilities of the latest tablets and other mobile devices. Users have come to expect a higher level of overall performance from their displays. The challenge is in providing the sort of excellent resolution users experience in their home or work devices – which were manufactured for just such a purpose – in these more rugged displays which are tasked with performing in harsh or even severe environments.

We know how mission-critical these rugged military displays are, which is why we’re proud to produce and supply them to our customers. A commitment to quality and dependability means that our products can be trusted to perform time and again.