The Applications of Open Frame LCD Monitors in Advertising


by iTech Company


Visual medium has significant impacts on our daily activities as many of the things that we do today are directly or indirectly associated with watching images on the screen. With this, various companies and other sectors of society are integrating the latest technologies available in order to address this need. In the world of advertising, open frame LCD monitors have been widely utilized to promote products or services.


What is an Open Frame LCD

An open frame LCD is a type of monitor display that doesn’t have an enclosure around its bare metal chassis where all its inner components are bolted to. There are a number of advantages of this type of display in your application whether it is a kiosk or signage display. With this, you can have a custom enclosure based on your specifications and needs. Its direct drop-in design also adds more flexibility of using the perimeter flange-mount points to settings that are pressed for space.


Open Frame LCD and Advertising

For businesses, the use of open frame LCDs is an effective way to advertise. We typically see high resolutions screens in all prominent public places that promote a particular product such as neon glow boards of different sizes. The good thing about this equipment is it can be customized in order to have a high end product that contains the open frame LCD display. The LCD screen can be available in various sizes.


It also comes with an internal media player with a content that can be uploaded via USB. You can manipulate the content or change it in real time. For more flexibility, you can also schedule it for specific times of the day. Another great thing about this is that you can design the content for different types of customer, allowing you to target a specific audience. Moreover, it is a cost-effective marketing strategy while enabling you to reach large audiences.


In terms of the hardware, open frame assemblies are able to deliver graphic overlay with improved user interface solutions. Some of the main advantages include better visibility in the native resolution, zero geometric distortion, flat screen, and high peak intensity with bright images. These are also very versatile in terms of their use.


As compared to other marketing methods, this type of digital advertising is more engaging, eye-catching and modern.


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