Single 32 Amp, 240V, (16) IEC 320 C13 Outlets, 2U (Model: MPC-16HS32-3)

Single 32 Amp, 240V, (16) IEC 320 C13 Outlets, 2U (Model: MPC-16HS32-3)

Single 32 Amp, 240V, (16) IEC 320 C13 Outlets, 2U (Model: MPC-16HS32-3)

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WTI rack mount switched PDUs enable complete control over current, power and energy usage within your data center and across the network. As the first and only rack mount PDUs to meter, report and control total current, power and energy consumption, our switched power distribution units are the perfect solution for data centers striving for LEED certification or reducing energy costs. WTI rack mount switched PDUs can meter and report kWh, kW, A, V, Temperature and schedule equipment shutdowns based on user defined threshold alarms or when devices need a simple power reboot. Energy, power and current data from IT equipment is measured on each circuit within your data center or network and used for billing, heat calculation and load distribution.

WTI rack mount switched PDUs can be used with its standalone IP web browser interface or any MIB based SNMP enterprise management software. To see a complete list of approved software or to recommend software for compatibility testing, please see our Software Integration section.

Single Input
Voltage: 240V
Current: 32A (25.6A Derated)
Connector: IEC 60309 Blue Commando 6ft.

Voltage: 240V
Current: 32A (25.6A Derated)
Outlets: (16) IEC C13
Overcurrent Protection: (2) 16A Circuit Breakers

Current Power & Energy Management:

  • Meter & Report Kilowatt-Hours in the Data Center
  • Meter & Report Amperage Loads on Each Circuit
  • Meter & Report Kilowatts for Cooling Demands
  • Meter & Report Voltage Input
  • Sense & Report Temperature
  • Graph Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Power Consumption
  • Power Load-Shedding w/ Auto Recovery


  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet Port
  • SNMP Control (v1,v2c,v3)
  • SSHv2 Encryption
  • LDAP, Kerberos, RADIUS, TACACS+
  • Alarm Notification via Email, SNMP, Syslog, text message, LED or audible alarm
  • Command Logging with Audit Trail
  • SSL Web Browser (Https) for Set Up and Operation
  • Approved Software Integration

Data Center Power Metering:

  • True RMS Current Metering
  • Local 3 Digit LED Display
  • Current Load Data Collection/Aux Unit Polling
  • User Defined Threshold Alarms

Remote Reboot & Power Switching:

  • IP & SNMP Control
  • Remote Outlet Switching
  • Automatically Power Reboot Locked Equipment
  • Timed & Scheduled Power Reboot/Shutdowns

Network-grade Power Distribution:

  • Circuit Breaker Protection
  • 32 Amp In-Feed
  • 2U Horizontal Mounting
  • 19" Rack Mounting Brackets

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