42U 42" Deep Server Rack Cabinet Open Frame Only (Model: UR6042A)

42U Server Rack Cabinet Open Frame Enclosures w/ 42" deep. (Model: UR6042A)
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42U Server Rack Cabinet Open Frame Enclosures w/ 42" deep. (Model: UR6042A)

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Product Discontinued. Call Us at 888-483-2418 for Replace items.

UR 6042A 42U 4 posts Open Frame Ultra Rack UR Series
42U 42" Deep Server Rack Enclosure w/Sides Black 
80"H x 24"W x 42"D 
Perforated Roof Top Features Eight 5.5" x 2" cutouts for cable entry
Guaranteed Compatibility w/Dell, HP, SUN & IBM
Heavy duty framework holds 2500lbs
Unit Markings at front & Rear 
Includes Caster base and Leveling feet

Compatibility Critical Advance Cooling Efficient Cable Management Safe Environment

Universal Storage
The UR Series rack provides an ideal equipment enclosure, environment, designed around universal standards, for the compatible mounting of both OEM manufactured servers, from the leading vendors such as IBM, HP, Dell and Sun , as well as all 19" rack mountable solutions. 
Manufacturer Series
AppleTM XserveTM
SUNTM Sun Fire Blade TM
Sun Fire TM Server
(V120 shown)
xSeries TM
(x305 shown)
PowerEdge TM
(2600 shown)
    Critical Advance Cooling
UR Series provides advance storage flexibility while ensuring that versatile cooling requirements are fully catered to meet these emerging thermal challenges.
UR Series achieves significant cooling efficiency through a number of outstanding design and engineering features. The expanded steel design of all enclosure doors give 80% perforated area that ensures the ultimate air pattern and flow


Fully Perforated Door

Fan Top

Perforated Top

Fully Perforated Side Panel

Exhaust Door

Fully Perforated Front Door


Middle Split Door

    Efficient Cable Management
UR Series provides a simple, versatile cabling pathway within the rack frame. The heavy duty rack framework consisting of end frames, verticals, horizontal panel mounting brackets and reducing cable channels give multi-directional cable pathways and numerous efficient cabling options for easy passage of large quantities of cables.


Multi Directional Cable Management System


Vertical Cable Channel




Horizontal Mounting Support

Rear Vertical /w Built -in Cable Tray

    Safe Environment
Safety is the Key Concern for enclosures and data center environments. The UR Series provides high and structural stability, provides high end structural stability, tested through sequential loading, ensure it provides a safe working environment. For ease of installation and transport the UR series has heavy duty rated castors and is static load rated to 1,000 kgs. 

Restricting Access:
UR Series offers high secure solutions for access management. These include a key lockable front door, rear door, and side panels as well as top cover. These locks can be keyed identically or with different keys allowing you to manage security levels. 

Double Handle Lock Safe Environment Heavy Duty Hinge
Heavy Duty Framework
Fully Perforated Middle Split Door Rolls through a 7 foot doorway

Unit Markings Hexagon Perforated Holes
    Optional Accessories
1U Rackmount Fan Unit

Baying Kit


Grounding Kit


Extension Plinth

Color Black
Product Height 1975 mm
Product Width 603.25 mm
Product Length 901.7 mm
Internal Length 744.2 mm
Industry Standards EIA RS310-C
Internal Rack Height 42U
U Height 42
Weight Capacity 2500 lb [1136 kg]
External height 77.75 inches
Internal width 19 inches
External width 23.75 inches
Internal depth 29.3 inches
External depth 35.5 inches
Shipping dimensions 84.5H x 26.5W x 38.5D inches
Shipping (Package) Weight 286.7 lb [129.73 kg]
Color Flat Black
Key Lock Yes
Package Contents
  • Black 42Ux42" Professional Server Cabinet Rack
  • Bag of 50 cage nuts, 50 mounting screws
  • "L" Shaped Mounting Rails
  • Casters
  • Levelers
Standards EIA RS310-C
Max load capacity 1000 Kgs

    Package Option

Package Options
  • Standard Package - Full Set
  • Package A -  Basic Frame : w/o doors and side panels
  • Package B -  Basic Frame + Doors : w/o side panels
  • Package C -  Basic Frame + Side Panel : w/o doors
Packing Form
  •  Individual Packing, Kit of 3 Packing and Assembly Packing available.
  • Kit of three packing bundles with toughened paper pallet ensures excellent stability.
  • Ideal for overseas transportation
  • Better safety and protection can be provided
Model No. Width Depth Height
  Overall Effective Overall Effective
mm inch mm inch mm inch mm inch mm inch
UR-6942 42U 600 24'' 975 38'' 900 35'' 2,020 80'' 1,955 77''
UR-6042 600 24'' 1,075 42'' 1,000 39'' 2,020 80'' 1,955 77''
UR-6947 47U 600 24'' 975 38'' 900 35'' 2,242 88'' 2,177 86''
UR-6047 600 24'' 1,075 42'' 1,000 39'' 2,242 88'' 2,177 86''