Server Rack Cabinet Enclosures:Rack-Open Frame Model:(RO647-42) (47U)47"H x 24"W x 42"D

Server Rack Cabinet Enclosures:Rack-Open Frame Model:(RO647-42) (47U)47"H x 24"W x 42"D

Server Rack Cabinet Enclosures:Rack-Open Frame Model:(RO647-42) (47U)47"H x 24"W x 42"D

  • Overview
47U Server Cabinet Specifications:

External Dimensions: 47"H x 24"W x 42 "D

This 47U Rittal TS8 Server Cabinet includes: Full Rear Door, Without Sidewalls

The Rittal Server Racks, are manufactured to be compatible
with most network and computer server equipment including: Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, and Sun.

Designed specifically for the data center, the TS8 is a modern enclosure offering strength and stability for virtually any server environment. While intended for the data center, it is just as well suited as a stand-alone enclosure. Rittal’s patented 16-fold continuously welded frame, delivers 30% more dimensional stability, guaranteed to beat the competition on strength alone.

Attractive and Highly Functional
Rittal's TS8 server enclosure – A modern design that features the utmost in strength for virtually any server environment.

The TS8 server enclosure features modern, attractive aesthetics perfect for a highly functional server application.
Universal server enclosures
Multiple vendor environments
Storage equipment
Termination equipment
Network equipment

Data centers
Wiring closets
Office environments
Central offices
Co-location and application environments
Contemporary, sleek appearance
Multiple vendor equipment compatibility
Full line of accessories
Family of sizes and styles
Excellent heat dissipation
Strong frame structure
Highly functional and stylish, value packed and competitively priced

Frame System Multi-Fold Frame Design:
Steel frame strength and rigidity
Torsion free structure
Multiple internal surfaces and points for mounting
Maximum internal volume for footprint
External access to all installation points for doors, walls and baying
Maximum load bearing capacity 907 kg (2,000 lbs)
Single or split rear doors
External Surfaces Doors and Walls:
Secure to external surfaces of frame
Doors can be easily removed or reversed
Sidewalls can be screwed on, locked in place or hinged to provide side door access
Internal door hinge and lock points for maximum security
Door stiffener to stabilize door and provide additional mounting surfaces
Maximum perforated area meets or exceeds server manufacturer specifications for air flow
Ground studs on all surfaces
External surfaces do not affect load bearing capacity same ratings with or without panels
Available in RAL 7035 (light grey) or sand texture black
Fully perforated front and split-rear door

Vertical Mounting Rails:
Fully depth adjustable and maintain load capacity regardless of where the rails are positioned
Floating installation system vertical rails are not secured to frame members or lateral support channels; can be adjusted independently
Z shaped, multi-fold profile high load bearing capacity and multiple mounting surfaces
19" mounting capacity in 24" cabinets, 19" and 23" mounting capacity in 28", 32" cabinets
U markings on front and rear surfaces of each rail
Key Accessories:
Door Mount Server Fan Panel
Baying Kits
Toolless Shelves 482.6 mm (19") Rack Mount
Cable Management Hardware D Rings, Velcro Straps, Mounting Plates, Manage-IT
Power Strips 15, 20, 30 Amp; Vertical or Rack Mount
CMC-TC Enclosure Monitoring System
Bolt Down Kits
Toolless Blanking Panels