Panel PC (Rugged NEMA4 32" LCD)

iTech's 32-inch Rugged NEMA4 Panel PC is designed to perform reliably in harsh settings. It equipped with a durable hardware that can withstand rugged applications including manufacturing, military, automation, medical and food processing, among others. It also complies with the industry standards to withstand physical challenges such as vibration, extreme heat, dust, water, and condensation. See these products below as well as their specifications.

These computers are powered by Intel processors to provide a stable and effective performance in the toughest of environmental conditions. For ease of use, there's an optional touchscreen functionality. In order to withstand harsh environments, it is protected by a solid external casing which complies with IP rating standards for protection against unwanted elements such as dust and splash of water, among others.

Meanwhile, it delivers superior image quality with its high resolutions. Other useful features include wide operating temperature range, high brightness, and outdoor sunlight-readable capability. Moreover, its support for a wide range of I/O ports offers more flexibility. These include the COM ports, VGA, USB, IDE, SATA, PCI, PCIe, and GbE LAN.

Over the years, we have gained an understanding of the need of various applications and industries. With this, we integrate the latest features into our products for a reliable performance and durability that can endure demanding conditions. Call us or email us for more information.